Ruby Valet Package

Ruby Valet Package

The Ruby Valet provides a 3 to 4 hour in depth specific cleaning service on the interior and exterior. Squeaky Clean valet services offer you the perfect professional valet service packages. We also have the Sapphire Package and Diamond Valet.

Mobile Valet Service for Somerset

The Ruby valet package is specially designed to cope with interior and exterior stains and dirt, guaranteed to bring your vehicle back to it’s glory:

  • Snow foam pre wash and rinse
  • Sprayed with TFR & rinse
  • Hand washed with wash mitts in premium shampoo & wax
  • Wheels hand washed
  • Dried using drying towels
  • Any tar spots removed
  • Door & boot shuts cleaned
  • Paintwork hand polished
  • Exterior plastic trim & tyres dressed
  • Interior & boot hovered
  • Interior plastics cleaned
  • Seats & carpet shampooed
  • Any leather cleaned
  • Interior plastics dressed
  • All windows polished
  • Any chrome polished
  • Screen wash topped up
  • Complimentary air freshener

Time to allow for this would be 3 to 4 hours.

Prices start from £75 depending on vehicle size and condition.