Car Odour Removal

Car Odour Removal

We are extremely successful at removing odours from car interiors. We have exclusive products that have been created for us, for the use in cars. They are fast working, safe and effective.

Milk Spillage’s

If you have spilt, up to 1/2 pint of milk on the seats, in the boot or carpets, this can cause the most horrendous of smells and needs to be treated quickly and effectively by us. Under no circumstances use water to dilute the milk, just mop up as much as possible.

Car Odour removal

Sickness, Urine, Blood and other bodily fluids.

We use a special formula. This is one of the best products on the market to remove the fluids, sick, blood etc.

It is no good just cleaning these spillages the bacteria has to be killed.

Cigarette Smoke

This is effectively removed with a complete interior valet with an additional smoke eraser. We however highly recommend our Odour machine which also gets in to the air vents to remove the smell.


Dog Smelling Cars

Often a car is bought and later when the masking agents have extinguished (as used by car dealers), the dog smell returns. This needs to be treated by our Odour machine which will remove the smell not just mask it.