Full Exterior Valet

Exterior cleaning

A valet is not complete without cleaning the car exterior. Squeaky Clean exterior valet service offers you the perfect professional valet service.

Car Cleaning Services Weston Somerset

Full Exterior valet for when you only require the exterior done.

This valet is specially designed to cope with exterior stains and dirt:

  • Snow foam pre wash and rinse
  • Spray TFR and rinse
  • Hand washed with wash mitts with premium shampoo & wax
  • Wheels hand washed
  • PH Neutral fallout mover applied
  • Dried using drying towels
  • Any tar spots removed from paintwork
  • Door & Boot shuts cleaned
  • Exterior glass polished
  • Any chrome polished
  • Screen wash topped up
  • Paintwork hand polished
  • Exterior trim dressed
  • Tyres Dressed

Prices start from £45 depending on vehicle size and condition.

Add a hard wax coating from £25 to give a high gloss shine

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